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Lsbet - Bookmakers Stranieri in Italy Found to Be Unfair to Betters

Recently it has been found that Lsbet - bookmakers stranieri in Italy could be to blame for a large number of players losing large sums of money. Strand’s customers have been left with large balances in the past, despite them paying for the better service they received. As a result, several players have been unable to make up their losses and have been forced to quit their betting career.


The company has already had to settle out of court with many customers claim that the deposits they paid on their bets were mishandled and they lost money in the process. In some cases, players were told they would not receive their deposit back until several months after the bet. They were not even given a chance to recover their losses before it was too late.

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The customer concerns over Strand are not the only problem however. In the past few weeks there have been a number of complaints from users of the system. Users who win a lot of money will often have losses due to a number of reasons, including incorrect currency exchange rates, in which case the odds may be unfairly high.

Foreign bookmakers must comply with a series of regulations set by European Union (EU) and National Lottery (NL) authorities. This usually means that the foreign bookmakers must provide the full range of services that customers expect from any reputable bookmaker.


Foreign bookmakers must provide customers with the facts about the odds in the match and be open and honest about the situation as well as providing advice and information as to how the odds in the event compare to what others would expect. They must also supply customers with a range of statistical data as well as timely updated information on the tournament odds. This information must be published on the website as soon as possible after the information is generated.

The rules and regulations for foreign bookmakers must be included in the Terms and Conditions of the contract between the customer and the foreign bookmakers. This means that the terms and conditions must be the same for all of the foreign bookmakers. These laws should be enforced by the business and they should be committed to upholding the rules and regulations.


Even though this seems to be an issue for established and new entrants in the industry, it is not unique to them. It can be extremely difficult to get any kind of fair payment for your bets if you have to pay the foreign bookmakers in full for a winning ticket.

Some of the issues that have been reported regarding the Italian Lsbet - Bookmakers are very similar to issues that are being faced by other foreign bookmakers in Europe. This is because the operators who run the foreign bookmakers are in competition with each other. It may therefore be wise to consider running your own foreign bookmaker.

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